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Krupp23 - 17.11.18 / 14:37

You better not count on that, not_local

not_local - 17.11.18 / 00:30

Krupp, die Regeln, um sie zu brechen)) Russisch ist schwierig ... Wo ist Dagi?

not_local - 17.11.18 / 00:30

Wir entspannten uns. Deutsch und Russisch sind am einfachsten. Freund, vergib uns. Vergib Krupp ...

Krupp23 - 16.11.18 / 21:11

Looks like everybody forgot about the old rule "english only in public sections"

dbcooper - 16.11.18 / 21:00

Begræns dig selv til engelsk eller svensk. Ingen heretiske sprog her.

not_local - 16.11.18 / 20:55

Lieblingslied For evigt, måske for evigt Skal vi sammen, samme vej Og når i morgen får øjne, og natten hviler sig

not_local - 16.11.18 / 20:22

Ich bin schon alt ...

not_local - 16.11.18 / 20:20

Ich habe deutsch vergessen Ich habe Deutsch in der Schule gelernt. Vor vielen Jahren.

not_local - 16.11.18 / 20:13

Nicht weinen. Menschen sind anders ...

toppy - 16.11.18 / 19:17

Werd alles neu installieren um euch mal zu besuchen smiley

Shoutbox Archive

YES, we have NO RULES but a Sportsman Agreement on our Servers!


By joining a 2F4Y.com Server we consider that you agree with our Sportsman Agreement which basically means that you will play hard, with enthusiasm and fun, but fair.


Everything is allowed except unsportsmanlike behaviour which is in general considered as any form of intentional kill, attack, damage, flash or hurt members and/or assets of your own team!


You understand and accept that it is forbidden:


  • to intentionally kill, attack, damage, flash or hurt members and/or assets of your own team.
  • to intentionally force teamkills and/or teamdamage to members of your own team.
  • to plant and/or detonate C4 on Jet/Helicopter/Vehicle Spawns of your own team. (except you have to kill a player of the opponent team)
  • to use any bad/offensive/racist language or nicknames. To avoid being misunderstood use english for all communication.
  • to deliberately switch to the winning or stronger team. you must stay in the team the server has assigned you to, except you switch to the loosing or weaker team. Note: The team that has won the previous round is considered as the winning/stronger team.
  • to steal teammates' vehicles when they repair, plant C4 or place mines. You can protect your teammate and save the vehicle by entering the driver's position but you have to give it back as soon as he reenters the vehicle. If the teammate is getting killed by the enemy before he can reenter the vehicle the former can have it.
  • to enter vehicles as driver/pilot and not operating them (referred to as idling).
  • to hide/idle when all flags are taken by the oponent team. In that case you MUST attack a flag within the Flagzone no matter what!
  • to command more than 2 rounds in a row. Commanders should decline their command after being commander 2 times in a row to leave others a chance. If no one applies again within a reasonable time they are allowed to reapply.
  • to provocate Sportsman Agreement violations.
  • to spread wrong Sportsman Agreement.
  • to impersonate other players and it's specifically forbidden to pretend to be an admin.
  • to use [2F4Y] or any names/prefixes that implies that you are a 2F4Y.com admin however you are not.
  • to intentionally disturb gameplay in any form.
  • to use cheats, exploits and/or mapglitches.


You understand and accept that Commanders must do their Job which implies:


  • Commanders must regularly and as soon as ready deploy artillery, supplies, vehicles and UAV.
  • Commanders should regularly and as soon as ready scanning the map and spot enemy troups.
  • Commanders should repair assets with supplies if they are in condition red.
  • Commanders should support squadleaders and teammates as best as they can.
  • Commanders are allowed to fight (even in military equipment) if all other stated terms are met.


Have Fun!

Last but not least, have fun! And that's an order soldier!

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