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one2one69 - 20.08.19 / 09:52

Brainwashed moron

bf37 - 19.08.19 / 22:25

@one2one69 relax man admins see what i write,if they need i got banned

bf37 - 19.08.19 / 19:12

Faith is what a person lives

bf37 - 19.08.19 / 19:11

Without faith and no spirit in man, and no man

bf37 - 19.08.19 / 19:10

That is why a person is spiritual, there is faith in him, what is it to choose a person

bf37 - 19.08.19 / 19:07

someone in tomorrow, and someone believes in the power of money, and so on....

bf37 - 19.08.19 / 19:07

someone believes in God, someone in their own strength,

bf37 - 19.08.19 / 19:06

Why is man a spiritual being, because there is faith in man,

one2one69 - 19.08.19 / 18:58

yeah sure,go for it..............I'll be right here taking note

bf37 - 19.08.19 / 18:56

if you want, i can very easily prove here in words why not stupidit

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Author Old ban

Posts: 22
Joined: 29.10.17
Posted on 12-05-2019 14:59

I joined 2f4y on 7th October, 2018 and found that I was being kicked everytime I joined. I can't think of anything on my part that might have warranted the ban. So please let me know the reason for the ban and I'll try my best not to repeat the mistake(s), if any.

I was playing as Harsha when I got kicked. Other nicks I had been using back then are pejabat and jghuis.

In case there is any suspicion that I am a cheater, please let me know and I will upload my gameplay cuz I record almost every round I play.

Thank you for your time.

User Avatar

Posts: 308
Location: Heaven
Joined: 04.11.12
Posted on 13-05-2019 01:07
Hi, just saying that I known Harsha for a little while now. Relativly speaking not that long time but now played and talked with him for a while. My impression of him as a person and hes values have just been positive, even before I talked with him when i kinda first saw him first in Weekend warriors discord he seemed to be a good guy that got beyond my expectations.

Just a parentheses: (I know this case is somewhat connected with the WhenAndHow case. About that guy I can't realy say the same all positive things, however he seems to a okey guy too. If you exclude some of the provocative behaviour (like in the shoutbox). I seen him when he first started in Battlelog, the positive things was that he seemed to be hes own persona that did'nt just agree and follow everyone else but he seemed to show points and arguments that I remember I mostly liked (usually a counterweight to the mainstream opinions). Thats maby a different case but somehow I hope that case could be solved too, if there is something more to add to it. I both liked that guy and disliked him but overall I could perhaps root for him too.)

Could add something more but now I gotta go and play! ^^

"Its just a game!" - "BF2!"
Edited by FINwidowmaker on 13-05-2019 01:22

Posts: 46
Joined: 21.11.17
Posted on 13-05-2019 04:14
Thank for support kaffe)

I would have to disagree with the notion that this is, or should be, connected to my case. Whatever you may or may not think about me should not be reflected upon Harsha. Any and all decisions to suspend his server access should not ground itself on what the judgement concering me is. Doing so would only serve as fully irresponsible in my honest opinion.

Nonetheless, I can speak for Harsha when I say that I have absolutely zero doubt that he is clean. However, is that even the reason for his ban? Because here in lies the center issue; from what I've heard from him he has absolutely no clue why he has been banned, and is seemingly just guessing as to what he did wrong - oddly familiar to how I haven't had any response from any 2F4Y admin for almost a year regarding my own ban. Do I know why I'm banned? Yes, the video concerning me was made public from minute one and I've been taunted numerous times by the people behind the spoof on this website alone(you know this, don't even try to deny it). What I don't know is why I'm all of a sudden being blatantly ignored. Did I do something wrong? You tell me, I'm only guessing at this point.

All in all Harsha is probably the friendliest BF2 player around, as such I'm fully ruling out this as some sort of punishment for his own behaviour. Which realistically only leaves some sort of suspicion of cheating as the last possible reason for his ban in my mind. But in all fairness, suspecting Harsha of cheating would be even more absurd than calling him ill-behaved.
Edited by HowAndWhen on 13-05-2019 04:15

User Avatar

Posts: 308
Location: Heaven
Joined: 04.11.12
Posted on 13-05-2019 11:43
Ah yea, well I was in hurry yesterday, when I got some youtubeclips (that I didn't watch). I thought Harsha got spoofed too. My misstake, I'm unsure what the problem is! Sometimes unbans just takes time too! xD

"Its just a game!" - "BF2!"
Edited by FINwidowmaker on 13-05-2019 11:45
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