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I am kicked, why you do not answer to my forum post?

Currently we doing silent maintenance work on the backend and therefore you need to wait until such cases can be checked and cleared again. We will most likely notify all users that posted to the » kicked from server forums « with such an issue via » Private Message « as soon as the current maintenance is done. Due to multiple changes this maintenance takes longer than usual - please be patient, thanks.

Why do I get kicked from the server - is this a bug?

Either you changed your CD-key way to often and therefore your current key is not accepted anymore or you are in an untrusted network. Thus if you have changed your CD-key you may switch back to your previous CD-key you could play with or you need to wait until the case can be checked (read above).
In any case you should disable your VPN and try an » Unban Request « before you post to the forums!

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mesito - 20.05.22 / 10:39

The persistency of this guy is a bit scary, eh... A true master of randomness

Pattarapong - 20.05.22 / 05:19

A few days ago there was a rainstorm and a wind speed of 180 km/h,im, because holy power of 2f4y I'm believe

Pattarapong - 20.05.22 / 04:49

IIt's easy if you damage me , the pastyou do electricity myhome cut off low priceof oil after Iplead a wish here.

Konnaris-mom - 20.05.22 / 00:06

Can someone turn off Thailands internet…

Pattarapong - 19.05.22 / 23:35

When I light the lighter, the color of the flame is like flag of ,,^_^ mad men idea asian street meat, sorry Boss

Pattarapong - 19.05.22 / 23:05

have an idea but ,I can't make produce it Better than let idea die with me, Ask for me to release dark energy. $_$

Pattarapong - 19.05.22 / 22:45

Nunchaku weapon consisting of two sticks if have built-in light by electromagnetic for generat power my idea

5Shir - 19.05.22 / 20:56


Pattarapong - 19.05.22 / 09:26

You try using the keyboard, right and left hand you use the mouse, adjust the commands, buttons as you like. $_$

Pattarapong - 19.05.22 / 06:57

Philips Serbia He's known me since my business boomed, and have idea of inviting him to do it together.try ask him

Shoutbox Archive
Pitboss on May 14 2009 16:47:32
Lol, What bank do you use??
Antiglucke on May 14 2009 14:36:58
Hey naichi, that's the same thing I also think about...if one millionaire only would give me 2 Mio. then I never had to work and could live from the interest smiley
Naichi2 on May 14 2009 01:03:18
Home late and sleep 4 hours and go to work again smiley Can't I win 5 Billion or something
Naichi2 on May 14 2009 00:43:45
nah I would say Fifty Fifty
Krupp23 on May 14 2009 00:40:13
Antiglucke on May 13 2009 21:36:43
No, not the Newspaper, the glowing ball of gas over there! Fitytwelve!
Krupp23 on May 13 2009 20:42:05
The newspaper?
Antiglucke on May 13 2009 16:54:37
The Sun is the biggest enemy of any gamer xD ...even the ToastKing knows that the Sun is dangerous + I doubt that anyone of us will survive a toasting-sun-grill ;-)
Naichi2 on May 13 2009 13:09:44
It's close to Summer now. Sun is "shining" and people want to head out for the first time of 6 month smiley
Antiglucke on May 13 2009 08:25:14
but therefore I got weekend after today so you're going to have an admin today evening xD
Antiglucke on May 13 2009 08:21:06
no, busy with working from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. :/
milchy1 on May 12 2009 22:58:26
Hey why i dont see any admin on airmaps server anymore,busy with beta testing??smiley
IDF-Akaorcram on May 12 2009 16:00:49
no baza said mid may there will be the beat 2 coming out... and he said the beta will be closed at the end of may... smiley So june smiley
Pitboss on May 12 2009 14:03:23
June? you are an optimist smiley
IDF-Akaorcram on May 12 2009 13:05:56
june 09
HadesErebus on May 12 2009 13:00:10
september 2011 ii guess... smiley
Pitboss on May 12 2009 12:36:33
I make a small wager that the patch will come in September soonest. anyone want to bet ?
Antiglucke on May 12 2009 08:13:29
haven't tried the beta2 yet, but I can imagine that finally the BHawk at least can kill Inf smiley and maybe even damage vehicles xD
Krupp23 on May 12 2009 02:53:30
The new minigun is now worth a BHawk-joyride. It rocks!
Antiglucke on May 11 2009 21:52:42
BF2 Patch 1.5 Beta 2 (!!) released! Use google for download link. They changed BHawk-Minigun and prone delay will stay on 0.3 <33 smiley
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