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I am kicked, why you do not answer to my forum post?

Currently we doing silent maintenance work on the backend and therefore you need to wait until such cases can be checked and cleared again. We will most likely notify all users that posted to the » kicked from server forums « with such an issue via » Private Message « as soon as the current maintenance is done. Due to multiple changes this maintenance takes longer than usual - please be patient, thanks.

Why do I get kicked from the server - is this a bug?

Either you changed your CD-key way to often and therefore your current key is not accepted anymore or you are in an untrusted network. Thus if you have changed your CD-key you may switch back to your previous CD-key you could play with or you need to wait until the case can be checked (read above).
In any case you should disable your VPN and try an » Unban Request « before you post to the forums!

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Pattarapong - 06.07.22 / 20:57

Over the course of 3-4 days, a plane passed by my house at a very high altitude., im think it be surprising

Pattarapong - 06.07.22 / 20:47

Thank you for a team protect to me . Even if im use toilet your still follow look im is depression don't talk

Pattarapong - 06.07.22 / 20:35

Others people think I'm being crazy. don't dare to talk to anyone, no believe anything on social media

Pattarapong - 06.07.22 / 20:31

let me freedom ,know you guys snoop anytime,even ifopen porn hub, girl 40-60% in my fb, is spy for snoop me

5Shir - 06.07.22 / 19:02


Rezi - 06.07.22 / 17:34

Because for people like you it's not logical) and glek loves such people)

Rezi - 06.07.22 / 17:33

The same psx will take up space on the server and not think about any of the people)

Rezi - 06.07.22 / 17:33

In your defense, I will say that you are far from the only one)

Rezi - 06.07.22 / 17:32

Let's all be afk like 5shir) it's so logical)

Rezi - 06.07.22 / 17:32

Oh yes) I condemned you for afk) How illogical I am)

Shoutbox Archive
kiktoo on August 01 2009 00:44:26
yep, my ping got stabilized at 25 now, so everything is fine again smiley
doc_noc on July 31 2009 20:38:58
yes as long as there are only few players ping seems to be good..anyway...it will be better someday..actually now... city maps rocks smiley
Antiglucke on July 31 2009 20:02:21
Your ping was 60 today...
reptile_BC on July 31 2009 15:28:14
doc_noc on July 31 2009 14:15:31
yeah Pitboss, the ping is so bad for me there now... that i can only fly when im alone smiley
agone on July 31 2009 12:50:09
I have never seen this guys on the rushhhhh....
Pitboss on July 31 2009 08:35:17
Doc_noc currently playing airmaps. points 0 0 0 number of players online 1. smiley smiley
HER3TIC666 on July 30 2009 23:28:26
yeah it'll take a while for the server to populate again after the ip change (although i notice the karkand server isnt having this trouble...)
Antiglucke on July 30 2009 18:30:19
just support us through joining airmaps and everything will be fine soon smiley
Antiglucke on July 30 2009 18:29:35
a) holidays smiley good weather c) new IP (not all 2f4y-players have a website account and may wonder why we're red in their favs...) it will last a while...
milchy1 on July 30 2009 18:12:58
It seems that new airmaps server isn't popular any more,sigh.is it possible that all ppl that use to play there are on vacation?
Answeller on July 30 2009 17:20:54
After my ping gets plus 10 i seem to become a missile magnet regardless of plane i fly with even in j10...
milchy1 on July 30 2009 16:03:58
Sorry to se that i was among very few lucky onessmiley but now i will not get owned so much as before by flying 3 stars shredding machines smiley
Answeller on July 30 2009 12:32:54
Yes milchy it seems you are one of the lucky few
Clubradio on July 30 2009 06:45:00
we got a new VOIP server (for better sound quality) so VOIP will work for now milchy.
doink_the_claw on July 30 2009 02:18:44
my gaming is a little bit laggy since serverchange :-(
hdgfl on July 29 2009 23:26:09
no, got slightly less too. about 5-10ms
milchy1 on July 29 2009 23:20:44
can anybody tell why on airmaps server in-game voip chat doesn't work??and am i the only one with less ping then before??
Mad Stalin on July 29 2009 20:52:15
lots of highrank wtj/spawn camping / whining going on on the city maps server
doc_noc on July 29 2009 18:53:44
wont happen
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