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I am kicked, why you do not answer to my forum post?

Currently we doing silent maintenance work on the backend and therefore you need to wait until such cases can be checked and cleared again. We will most likely notify all users that posted to the » kicked from server forums « with such an issue via » Private Message « as soon as the current maintenance is done. Due to multiple changes this maintenance takes longer than usual - please be patient, thanks.

Why do I get kicked from the server - is this a bug?

Either you changed your CD-key way to often and therefore your current key is not accepted anymore or you are in an untrusted network. Thus if you have changed your CD-key you may switch back to your previous CD-key you could play with or you need to wait until the case can be checked (read above).
In any case you should disable your VPN and try an » Unban Request « before you post to the forums!

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mesito - 20.05.22 / 10:39

The persistency of this guy is a bit scary, eh... A true master of randomness

Pattarapong - 20.05.22 / 05:19

A few days ago there was a rainstorm and a wind speed of 180 km/h,im, because holy power of 2f4y I'm believe

Pattarapong - 20.05.22 / 04:49

IIt's easy if you damage me , the pastyou do electricity myhome cut off low priceof oil after Iplead a wish here.

Konnaris-mom - 20.05.22 / 00:06

Can someone turn off Thailands internet…

Pattarapong - 19.05.22 / 23:35

When I light the lighter, the color of the flame is like flag of ,,^_^ mad men idea asian street meat, sorry Boss

Pattarapong - 19.05.22 / 23:05

have an idea but ,I can't make produce it Better than let idea die with me, Ask for me to release dark energy. $_$

Pattarapong - 19.05.22 / 22:45

Nunchaku weapon consisting of two sticks if have built-in light by electromagnetic for generat power my idea

5Shir - 19.05.22 / 20:56


Pattarapong - 19.05.22 / 09:26

You try using the keyboard, right and left hand you use the mouse, adjust the commands, buttons as you like. $_$

Pattarapong - 19.05.22 / 06:57

Philips Serbia He's known me since my business boomed, and have idea of inviting him to do it together.try ask him

Shoutbox Archive
smgs on May 01 2009 15:46:49
teamsports ftw
smgs on May 01 2009 15:41:17
1 Swede responded, seems that yes, there's some care ;D;D Naaaah i know u Naichi, joke m8 ;D Ur right, sports isnt a relevant part for most of Internet-dataheadzzzz
Naichi2 on May 01 2009 05:27:05
Who cares about sports ? smiley
smgs on May 01 2009 03:52:12
yes, im talkin to u SWEDES ;D
smgs on May 01 2009 03:49:44
hockey-chant ftw, btw its World Cup , who gives a flying f*** about olympics ;D
smgs on May 01 2009 03:48:55
smgs on May 01 2009 03:48:39
rofl'd "fairplay with my keyboard"...ATM more like fairplay with my full-beer-head...SUOOOOOOOOOOOMI TEKEE KOOOHTA MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALIN EIKÄ KUKAAN (READ:KUKAAN) SILLE MITÄÄN VOI, EI
smgs on May 01 2009 03:41:33
personally id have to say, i take screen after screen but priority to put them in violation reports....LOL what priority? i do if/when/maybe i care. (i vote for fairplay with my keyboard)
smgs on May 01 2009 03:39:00
ATM its like lettin half to be rotten, then take care of them. When its necessary, u take care of them. How about puttin some fertilizerzzz to minimaiz the rotten.
smgs on May 01 2009 03:36:47
@krupp; u kiddin right? lmao what do u do when u find rotten apples? ULL GET RID OF THEM SO THEY WONT MAKE ALL APPLES ROTTEN.
Krupp23 on April 30 2009 23:41:12
@smgs - how can we make your stay better?
kiktoo on April 30 2009 22:30:24
word@smgs. one of those examples are the players: i CeNtEL(sboky) and taifunrus...
smgs on April 30 2009 16:12:57
people would stay longer in "quiet-hours" if u get rid of idiots who ruins the game for all.
smgs on April 30 2009 16:12:15
Pathetic BS @airmaps when no admin is online...Should u guys chance attitude towards rule-breakers, perhaps
smgs on April 30 2009 16:11:06
I really wonder (read:REALLY) ,wherres the line with these rule-breakers?
Pitboss on April 30 2009 15:58:11
I have bugs too. Can't say where this public. smiley
Clubradio on April 30 2009 15:17:50
tormentor on April 30 2009 14:37:43
i have some bugs on air server smiley unlimited granades with "no boom", unlimited ammo... smiley
Antiglucke on April 30 2009 14:11:49
that one is good too xD
Naichi2 on April 30 2009 14:10:04
Mr Ben Dover *rolfllolchoppmomff*
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