Posted by Clubradio on July 01 2014 12:10:15

The posibillity that GameSpy will close their systems today or within the next few days is very high.


Therefore BF2Hub released already an update with their Network Switcher.


BF2Hub Network switcher


If Gamespy goes down, you just have to click the "Enable BF2Hub Network" Link within the BF2Hub Client to play further with your accounts/cd-keys that you have previously backed up.


Note: You have to close your BF2 before you do the switch, otherwise the game will not recognize it.


We have already launched a " - Best Maps No Rules" Testserver within the BF2Hub Network. If you are interested how all that stuff works or if you wanna see your unlocks and ranks within the BF2Hub Network, you can do this already now because you can switch the Network at any time with a simple click on the "Enable/Disable BF2Hub Network"!