Global BF2 Stats
Posted by Clubradio on January 04 2015 23:15:34

BF2Hub Stats Demo Screenshot

Global BF2 Stats now online on!


As announced on Twitter the BF2Hub team has released a new interface to view your Battlefield 2 statistics (BFHQ) online.


Unlike the ingame BFHQ (which is hardcoded by DICE) the stats interface of BF2Hub has the advantage to show you specific details to reach your next rank, award or unlock. It is obviously made with the good old bf2s page in mind so it should be easy for you to understand the basic values.


On our request BF2Hub confirmed that they will enhance the online interface with further features continuously. We may expect additional services and coding APIs very soon, w00t! :)


We also implemented the link to your global stats in our community teamplay stats pages. Just visit (example) or search your 2F4Y teamplay profile and scroll down to the "Global Stats" section.


Happy fragging 2015!